Love to Bite People

I love to Bite people. Some strangers I meet I will have to mentally remind myself: "That's really weird. Stop." Before continuing what I was doing. I have bitten a couple of people before.

Sometimes I think, "Vampires don't exist- so I'm not a vampire." But I have come to the conclusion I must be part vampire. With 2 of my friends, well, I actually fear for them. Once when I got hyper, and completely crazy,  I just bit them without warning. I don't really remember what happened, but I bit one of them on their shoulder near their neck, and the other on the arm- I actually ripped through her skin and made her bleed. I just lost it. As soon as I woke up the next day, I was on the phone and msn, making sure that she was OK. My other friend who I got on the shoulder only got pinched, and managed to get away without a mark.

I feel so sorry for my other friend though. I am really hoping I haven't hurt her too much, and that I will be forgiven. She was pretty OK about it though. She had let me bite her, but the whole time she had been telling me, "You'll feel bad about it later when you see what you did" and "Its not good for you. Stop. Bad wifey-kins. Stop it." 

*Note: I'm really sorry Coral and Katie!!!*

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wow thats interesting.