I think I even made a post on ep once saying I didn't "understand" what it meant to be transgender, and that it just "didn't make sense to me". I thought of it as a "fetish" or "perversion." Looking back on it now, I am so effing embarrassed for ever thinking that.

I became interested in trans issues out of my advocacy and social justice background, it's essentially what i'm studying in school and pretty obviously my political orientation. I am also really interested in mental health not only because I struggle with my own mental health, but also because I think there's a close link between gender expression and gender conformity and issues like depression and anxiety. What we know about transgender people and their mental health is alarming. They have an incredibly high rate of suicide, obviously as a result of the stigma, trauma and systematic forms of oppression that reinforce a cisgender model.

There's so much i'd like to learn about the trans community. And I know that because I have cisgender privilege I may never fully understand transgender issues or be able to be the most educated advocate, but i'd really like to work on becoming an ally, you know? I think that because we think of the trans community as deviant in nature and treat trans issues as taboo it makes extremely hard to begin implementing education around the subject. I'd like to spend part of my career working on trans inclusive policies around mental health and the public health field or doing lobbying, that'd be really cool.

CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
Aug 20, 2014