I Am Learning to Do Things That I Don't Like With More Passion

As a mother and wife, I am forced to do things, as a passionate woman, it's hard to do them. So I am trying to make myself feel passionate about my chores so I could do them faster and better!

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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I've managed to crack the chore thing. I keep envisioning all the calories I am losing with all the chores!!<br />
Now I just need something to make me enjoy cooking!!

It is difficult juggling career and family.....we women are expected to be *superhuman*.<br />
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I admire your dedication and I know when you set your mind to something you are passionate !<br />
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I used to give myself small rewards for tasks completed, especially housework, because no-one ever notices it is done ..... except of course when it's not done.... then there are complaints.<br />
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I would draw up a list of chores for each day of the week and rewards for each day plus a bigger reward for a week completed.<br />
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Huggsssssssssssss,<br />

@ Lil Miss Muffet: unfortunately I have not succeeded!<br />
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as hard as I try, I still find them boring

@ Alb native: I am still a work in progress! I can't say I feel passionate about my chores yet!

That's such a great idea, LV. I need to incorporate a little more of that philosophy into my life!

@ Flourlady: Wow, you are incredible, and yet you have time to stay up all night and finish your book!<br />
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@ Zeggle: Hehehehe, I could only if there are no mirrors around! Now I will always laugh when mopping the floor.

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