Im Not Just My Mistakes.

no, im not perfect. yes, im messy. yes, im broken, yes, im ****** up. but thats not all I am....I can love you, I can make you feel beautiful and cared about. I'll care about you and you'll know that you matter to someone. That someone loves you. I will protect you and hold you and weather any storm for you. Because despite all my shortcomings I am strong. and when I love i love you hard. When I smile its for a reason, and when I do something its for a purpous. ill paint you a beautiful picture about all the meacing tangled messes in the world. Ill hold your hand when things get hard and ill cry when the crisis is over.

if you can accept me.....illl give you everything I have and more. Ill give you everything you need from me, ill give you more than I should, more than i have to give. ill love you.

oceanastronaut oceanastronaut
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 19, 2012

So beautiful. Made me smile as I read it. :)

aww thanks :)