Let Me...

Let me feel

your heat.

This living passion

Let me be

in your arms

This longing desire

Let me succumb

the entrails that induces me to you.

This incredible strength

Let me rub

on your ecstatic skin,

This invaded madness

Let me taste your

Kissable lips

This endless love

Let me bring you

to the moment of life

This perfect dream

Let me feel you

inside of me,

This pleasure without end

of our passionate feeling.

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6 Responses Feb 19, 2010

your words are always sweet and uplifting - - thank you!!!

I love your passionate way princess! Smiles! Luv you!!

just loved it. could just feel the passion

i hav the best to learn from xxxx thank u!<br />
do u like my purrr kitty? meow!

someday i want to write like this :O) XXXXXXAngel!! Lov CRP~~~ChErrY!sticky!cAnDy kisses!

*Beautiful passionate words yum !X<br />
*Lucky the one in ur *LIFE*