I'm so happy I've found this forum, and people like me. I've been having these negative thoughts, and wondering to myself why I don't do anything about it and feel the need to withdraw myself from the situation while rationalizing it. I'll give you an example:

I'm 18 years old, and stay at my boyfriend's house over the weekend, and while he is a lovely person he can get very distracted by technology, and when I say technology I mean his Nintendo DS, his Xbox or just his PC. The PC irritates me the most, because it's like he's turning down my company to speak to people who live on the other side of the world to him, and most likely he'll never meet.

Now rather than doing something about that situation, I find myself pulling away, sulking and giving him the silent treatment rather than explaining what's bothering me...and I know that this is just not good.

Then by chance I stumbled on the phrase Passive-Aggressive last night, and what it was describing had me down to a tee. Again, I can only say how happy I am to have found this place because now I can hopefully talk to like-minded people and give/ receive support before passive-aggression ruins my relationship with not just my boyfriend, but everyone close to me.

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hey! i found this place a wile ago and the people here really helped me ALOT! if u EVER need a friend just mess me. or add me as friend if you want! :)

I've just realised how passive-aggressive I am, by looking it up like you, ClosedBook. I hope I can work on what has been my way of life for over 20 years and get my relationships back on track...

Hey Closedbook. I just found this group. I heard the term when I was 18 but it just went over my head. Finding this now has really amazed me. I wish I could have discovered this sooner.