Soul Mates

I met my husband just a few months after I turned eighteen. He was 323 at the time. We were set up by someone I went to church with. I was really frustrated with the guy I was dating at the time, because he did not want to commit to me, so I wrote the friend a message in frustration telling him he needed to set me up with someone. He said his best friend Joel would be a fun date for me. He explained that he was very cool "much cooler than I even." (what a dork. =) )I remember when Joel came and picked me up for our first date. I had never seen him before, but he had seen a photo of me on his friend's facebook, he knew I that I am pretty...I had no Idea that he would be so damn handsome. But he was. His blue eyes drew me in instantly. He's gorgeous. Anyway, we had a great first date. The details aren't important except for the telling of what a great time we had and how comfortable I was with him. He had no problem making me laugh the entire evening. We had each other going for hours just laughing and talking. The third date may have been the most significant of dates. We made love for the first time and even though both of us are fallowers of the LDS church, it just didn't feel wrong at all. It was perfect and explosive...both of us have had experience sexually, so as you can tell, at the time and in the years prior we weren't exactly fallowing our beliefs. He had also been married before but she left him. Anyway...I swear I feel in love with him that night. We haven't spent a day apart since. I got pregnant two months later and then we got married. We have this completely gorgeous baby girl. I am so in love with this man. He is amazing in a billion different ways. We will definitely be together for eternity.

Shaylee Shaylee
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Good for u 2. It's nice to here about 2 people who r so happy together.

Lol. Everything has something wrong, either your cheating on him, hes cheating on you or something bad is going to happen. Happyness that i can see never lasts. Never. But i wish you goodluck with your new baby :D

I"m confused, because this has nothing to do with me being passive-agressive. I still don't know how to work this site. Hahaha.