I Am A Pretty Lame Person

or at least thats what people think of me. im more of a homebody, so i really dont go out much. ever since i moved, i havent made a lot of friends. i just get nervous sometimes, then i just become really awkward. i didnt really see much of a point as this is (was) my last year of high school. its just so annoying because my sister is a grade below me and she is a pretty social person. we get along and stuff, but she has much more of a social life than me so it kinda makes me look like a loser when im compared to her. shes friends with people in my grade who she hangs out with a lot and it makes me feel bad because I should be the one hanging out with those people. its so frustrating and i feel like the more i try to be social and fit in, the more awkward i am. but if im with people ive known for a long time or my siblings, i am a comppletely different person and am super social and fun to be with i just really wish i knew how to get over this. im going to college next year and i dont want to have to deal with these feelings there too, which will prolly be worse because ill be alone and wont know anyone.
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18-21, F
May 22, 2012