Breast Feed

my friend Kerry called round the other day with her nine month old baby john Paul. we went up to my bed room ad chatted for a while when the bairn started to cry. Kerry picked him up and said he was hungry, with that she un did the buttons on her blouse and lifted her bra up revealing her breasts. feeling slightly embarrassed and not wishing to look like a pervert by staring i looked away. Kerry held the bairn to her breast and he greedily sucked on her nipple. when the bairn had finished and she had winded him she lay him on the bed and he went straight to sleep. Kerry started to put her cloths right when she stopped and said, "john would you like a drink? i have plenty of milk to spare , i normally have to get our lad to drink some of it."
i looked at her amazed and asked if she was sure and she said she was. she had me lay across her lap and used one arm to cradle me against her breast just like she had with the baby. she placed her nipple in my mouth and i began sucking and nibbling her nipple while gently squeezing her breast with my hand. almost at once i tasted her milk and greedily swallowed it. as i suckled her breast i felt her un do my trousers and she let my erect **** loose before wrapping her fingers around it and gently stroking it until i shot my *** all over her hand she licked her hand clean. i got up and fastened my trousers as she put her bra and blouse right. about thirty minutes later she left.
wish i could have got some photos but it happened so fast i never even thought about it until after wards.
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so nice wow that was great. I would love to breast feed.

unbelievably nice story

Wow. What type of friend is that? Is this the first time anything happened