Why Pessimism?

I feel like I was put in place where I didn't want to be, Earth. I feel like I was here for a punishment. I come from a poor family, I'm a social outcast who doesn't know how to make it in this world. There is SO MANY things about life that don't like and CANNOT change. That's why I'm pessimistic because the world is ugly and doesn't accept me.

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6 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I like fantasy and things that aren't real or verified true. The unknown is also very interesting. Anything else, I don't really care for (besides art + animals).

''there are so many things that i dont like'' ...then u must have some that u like too.

oh I stand corrected:) and do please be optimistic in your life:)

Nah, more of a loner. I like post-punk, shoegaze stuff. I'm more of a gothic type, although I would just prefer the term "alternative". Goths are more deep (and usually spiritual). Typical (but NOT all) Emos whine for no reason, are shallow, and still have PLENTY of friends. I definately don't fit the emo sub-culture. I don't dig their music, either. Wearing dark colors (sometimes with bright) are the only thing emos have in common with me.

Are you an emo?

me too