Yeah I Am Petite But Its Okay

yeah I AM PETITE, my high only 5'3, and 120 pound , but I love the way I am, for it is the way that my God has made me. By his perfection I was made. all my friends called me shorty, and i am the petite one in my family, Yes it seems that tall people have the adavntages but it is a small axe that is used to cut down a big tree. I do aspire to be tall, for I can do all that is required of me at my current height. I may be short but I carry a big stick and walk with big footsteps. I may be short but my destiny is great. Many great people in history were short, so I do not view my height as an impediment to what is ordained for me to accomplish, rather I use my lack of height as the momentum to propel me towards my destiny. I am content with my height, as I reflect on my life I see nothing has been denied me. I have a beautiful family, I have all that I need. I just love being short, don't you?
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1 Response May 6, 2012

I love short girls 😍