"shorties Are Cute"... Well, And Me?

I'm quite short, the shortest of my class, but I always to try find proofs that being short is better than being tall... But I don't really know. Often tall people are considered "beautiful", and it bothers me, because lenghth doesn't make you beautiful or ugly! And I have been told that short people are cute. Yeah, sometimes I agree, but if you are short AND even a bit fat, you aren't so cute anymore... That's what I am.
Toobi Toobi
18-21, F
1 Response May 17, 2012

Yeah you'd still be cute. :)

How do you know? :)

Hmm.. I know you'd still be cute to me, because I've always found shorter girls cute and more attractive than tall girls and they're still cute whatever their build.. Anyway it's farrr more important that they're a nice person.