Love It Tooooooo!

I am a small woman. I am 5'2 120. (Got a few curves in there) I have small feet, can only wear kids watches, and my ring size is a 5. I am strong for my size tho. I do not let my womanhood nor my size slow me down. Giggling. It just makes me more agile. :)
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are you easy to smile with ?

Awesome! And yes I agree. Thank you for posting on my story. Said with a big smile.

I want you, cos you are small, yet smart, strong " S" is your letter. I am an emotional man, which is opposite from most men. Could I have been female in my brain. I love girls, including you

Aww.* cheesy grin*

Power to us petites! I'm about 5'2" also, weigh about 108.