Small But Mighty

I am petite for my age. I'm 35 years old and am 4'10 and a 1/2" tall. I was 4'9 and 3/4" tall from high school til I was 32 years old. I have a womanly figure - not gonna go into details with my measurements in this group - and it's all real.

I am very loving towards others and my happy nature has me looking very young. My ethnic roots have me looking very young. My voice sounds like a little girl and that has people convinced I'm a little girl, especially if I wear things that don't show my womanly-developed body which little girls don't have. (Clean your minds, men. I don't wear raunchy things.)

One thing I was told when I was a little girl to tell others who might find me insignificant because of my height is "Dynamite also comes in small packages" which is descriptive of me. My physical mass is smaller than the average teenager or adult, but my happy, bubbly personality I've been told by others is huge.

It amazes me when I see taller males and females. The man I like is 5'8 and some say it's short for a man, but I don't think so. Even outside of his and my height difference, there are many men shorter. To me, 5'8 on anyone is rather tall. Next to someone who is 4'10 and a 1/2 though, is super tall.

If I stand next to a tall girl, I'll look at her and measure straight across to her with my hand from the top of my head to her body then be shocked, which of course has her and others chuckle.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Jan 11, 2013