I am not that short, but I have still had not-so-nice experiences. I think the most obvious problem of being smaller than average is not being able to find things that fit (either on or with you). I have a very long list of those items! Here are a few examples: hats, headphones, glasses, moulds the dentists use to make a replica of your teeth, tops, bras (band size), bracelets, gloves, rings, belts, a low-enough bicycle, trousers, shoes...

Another thing is all those assumptions people make about you and how they treat you based upon those assumptions. I find I have the most difficulty with old men. They have been the most vicious to me and often seem to assume I am some air-headed bimbo (despite not dressing like one). I have been mistaken for a child on numerous occasions and people have thought my husband is my uncle.

Despite all of these things and more, I like being petite because it's a part of who I am! I don't want to be negative about it, so here is a little list of what I believe are advantages:

- Being seen as 'cute'. I know, not the most flattering compliment, but it is better than being thought of as hideous! Plus, people are more willing to help someone who is cute.

- Looking younger. It can be frustrating, but I'm sure we'll all be loving it when we're older and still being mistaken for a girl in her 20s!

- It's easier to get away with wearing short dresses/skirts because our legs aren't so long that it risks looking 'indecent'.

- You don't have to look down at anybody so nobody sees up your nose or gets the impression you have a double chin.

- No need to be scared of being taller than your boyfriend/hubby when you're wearing heels.

- No need to worry about fitting in places, whether it's squeezing past people in the cinema, fitting into a seat, going through a doorway without hitting your head...

- If you're the right shape (or can find a certain style of clothing) and can find the right place to shop, you can save money by wearing children's clothes. I'm not talking about Dora the Explorer dungarees, but if you look in Zara's children's section it doesn't look childish at all.

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Well, you're right about the children clothes part. I'm 5'0" and can still wear girls pants size 12. What I don't like is that most of them have little kid features that are not suitable for a grown woman. Some of my pants have butterflies and flowers or glitters. One of them even have spongebob's picture on my butt. I like them cause they fit but I can only wear them around the house. Anyway, I don't like being small.

ugggh it's so annoying when people think you're a little kid, like when they think you're cute and they pat you on your head like you're a child<br />
<br />
haha but that part about childrens clothes is so true! a few weeks ago i bought a pair of $10 jeans, a size 14 in kids. there are lots of advantages to being short, just like how you said :)<br />
<br />
and on another note - bubble tea is sooo good. my favorite flavor is mango