I've Been Dealing With This For A Long Long Time

hey guys,

i know i  am not the only petite girl in the world. many are. i have learned to deal with it at some time. yet, there are instances that pull my confidence back to zero. i am a teacher and when students say little side comments mentioning my height i am distrubed deep inside. i am 4'9 or 4'10, my mom is 4'11 but she looks bigger because of her built. i have a soft built which never was able to hide my height.

yeah some people around tell i have a pretty face and a little smarter than average, but when some tell comments on my height every good thing i hear just turns to waste! crap!!!! i know this is negative. maybe, i just need a petite girl like me too who can tell me the right "state-of-mind" in this situation.

and by the way, me being small... is this a turn-off to guys? i mean im really not looking for a relationship but i wonder why taller girls get a lot of bfs... lolz!!!

awww... i'm so sorry i just appear to be so sad... help me gain my confidence people! yeah, i really hope i would feel better, because I'm already 20 turning 21, i think i won't get any taller anymore. lolz

all the best!

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4 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I love petite girls, and I know many guys do. In my world, your height is perfect.

Happiness is what we make dear... your height doesn't determine it. You choose to live, what and how you like to live. Others can tell anything, but ultimately it is your life and your happiness.<br />
I am also same hight as you... but I don't care about it. Besides, you are a woman. If a man is short (like me) it is difficult for him to find a girl.... but if a Girl is short, it doesn't effect her. If I am wrong then pardon e and correct me!

I think your height is extremly sexy.

thanks jack45