Are You Going to Break My Heart!

Come to find out you still talk to your old girl of them girlfriends and some of them just friends....You hadn't told me any of this....Sometimes things just don't add up.....Have you taken me for a fool and now you sit back and laugh about it with them?  I don't know if I trust you anymore...You are making it very difficult because I think somethings been going on and that you have lied to me!  I can only think the worst as that's my nature...I always feel like I'm not good enough and when I catch you doing things that are on the wonder why I don't trust you!  I love you with all my heart and it's killing me that I am so afraid that you will break my heart!

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yvonne....I don't know about that...

I understand what you mean by things not adding up....i feel i am being taken for a fool too....but at the end of the day...we will not be the ones losing out.... x :)

LOL....If you only knew how true I feel that your statement is..difek2010...

if there is no pain.. how would u enjoy pleasure

Thanks Love you too!

Yes we are greatful your here. Love you...

I am glad you are one of my friends...MT....

Glad to be here with you T.<br />
<br />
Love you too.

Thanks...Mike...I like your quote you wrote me on the made me realize that what you said was so very true...Thanks for the words of wisdom...I've found so many great friends on EP...and I am so very thankful to each and everyone of them....Love to all of you TKS

He obviously doesnt deserve all your heart. If he did, he wouldnt make you cry.

Yes indeed speaking the truth will set you freee.....

Thanks pix & mewold....I know.. I agree...

I have to agree whit pixelita.

Be careful tks... people are secretive for a reason... usually it's not an admirable reason...

Thanks...M...that's really kind of you! I am just going to stay with the faith and positive thing...That's all I've got!

Glad to be here T.......Call or write when ever you need a friend to vent on.

I am...going with the faith thing...I have other friends too! Like you M....

Am there now......Try to go on faith that he is respecting you in his other friendships and not putting you down in them.

Me too but I guess as with all things...there is a fine line between pain and pleasure!

i wish love had no pain .