I am truly unfit i tried to do some sit ups today and could only do 11 before feeling out of breath, then i tried push ups and could only do 3.last year i could do almost 60of each. over the past year my physical level has decreased my belly now hangs over and i cant see my pants button when sitting . my clothes have gotten tighter and aare harder to wear my belly pushes out in most shirts and you can see my pudgy belly . my belly definetly has gotten bigger it sags and jiggles when i jump. i have a few rolls my pants are harder to button now, i eat more and alot of junkfood my belly continues to grow the more i eat and is very soft i definetly have a muffin top in dance and is harder to suck in over summer is when i started to become unfit i ate a bacon cheeseburger almost everyday and drank alot of soda this also how my belly started i sat and watched tv as i ate i love my belly and want to make it bigger and fatter walking upstairs is becoming harder as i gain i cant walk up more than three flights . i want my belly to hang even more and pop buttons maybe even have love handles . . i also eat pizza and quesodillas. my belly hangs over my pants when sitting down i cant see the button. my shorts are so hard to button and this week i think i got fatter my rolls are visible through my leotards and my stomach is wider. any tips on how to get my belly fatter? plz comment
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Do you just want to have a fatter belly or to be fatter all over.


I have some good methods. message me

Here's a tip: try not to eat or drink much for a day, and then the next morning eats tons and tons of food. The starving will slow you bodies metabolism to make it think your starving, and then the big feast then next morning you body will convert right to fat. Thats how I got so big, so it should work for you.


Just keep overstuffing it!

I do overstuff all the time, any tips?