I'm Picky About Men

"Your standards are too high!" is the number one thing I hear when ever I tell my friends about what I want in a guy. I don't think so. But the truth is, few guys live up to my standards. I want a guy with a genuine nature. Not someone who's out there trying to act all macho or flirtatious when he's really a very sensitive, kind hearted guy. Be you! I get it, it's often hard to do. But all of that frontin' isn't necessary either. So I get called picky because I expect truth and honesty. What's the world coming to???
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1 Response Aug 7, 2010

It's not a crime to have high standards. You're looking for someone to devote a lot of time and energy to, so why shouldn't it be to someone who you find pleasing, whether physically, personality-wise, or other ways?