sorry, but that is the only topic I could find. I wish all my thoughts into this one sentence. but I cant. so I am going to put it in a few. My name is Aazim. I am Muslim. I wish I could find a woman to take away the pain in my heart. I am not too picky but I am picky enough. I only desire a few things in a woman.
1. to be Muslim also.
2. to love the Hijab as much as I do. Like it is so beautiful.
3. to let me buy her gifts and not complain about how expensive it was or how expensive it wasn't.
4. to let me love on her 100% I don't mean taking her to bed. I mean, hugging her, looking into her eyes right before I kiss her. talking to her about anything, whether it be important or silly.
5. to be honest. if you say u are going to do something do it.
6. letting me show her off to my friends. like I would be the luckiest man in the world. I would be proud of her. so why not show her off?
7. feeling her smile in the middle of a kiss. Gahhh that would make my day.
8. realizing that I am not handsome nor am I ugly. I am who I am. im not who I don't want to be and I am who I want to me.
9. keeping me in check. sometimes I can get crazy, and do crazy stuff. nothing stupid just crazy.
10. loving it when I write a good morning or good night note. right after you wake up u see that I want it to make your day.
11. caring. I want her to care about everything. I don't want her to be all caught up in herself.
12. looks don't matter. I am not shallow. I don't care if you wake up with fish breath or a messed up hair do. you will be amazing.
13. Most important thing. I want you to love me. I have been lied to too many times. I don't want my heart broken again. if you say you love me, I want to know you mean it 100%. that's all I ask.
if this is too much I am sorry.
know this, I treat every woman with respect. I will never tell you anything mean. If I say I love you I love you. i would treat you like royalty. that's all. because you deserve nothing but royalty.
DracovNasser DracovNasser
22-25, M
Aug 16, 2014