Work In Progress

I've started working on a sleeve project for both of my arms. I'm doing a Nordic/viking theme on my left arm and a Greek/Roman mythology theme on my right.

I've spent the last several years slowly finding and creating the images that I want done and I've found a great artist in Hawaii to do the work. Now it's really just a matter of money and healing time to get this done.

I have a few pics posted on my profile, I'll keep the album updated as I get new work done.

As far as piercings go; I have the right side of my lower lip, my tongue, both nipples and a prince Albert.
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

It's a huge decision and it's very important that you get something that you love and that means something to you.<br />
<br />
THEN you have to find a great artist (note: not TATTOOIST, ARTIST! Anyone can pick up a tattoo gun and put ink into your skin.) who can make your vision come to life.

@Opium: Sounds cool, where are you going to get it?<br />
@Library: Thank you, the Wave and Viking Ship on my left shoulder should be done tomorrow night.