I Want More.

I've currently got.
Lip piercing left side of lower lip
Scaffold piercing right ear
Standard ear piercing right ear

I got my lip pierced in November last year. It came to me suddenly because I wanted to change my apperance.
I thought about it for a few weeks and got more and more excited. I did all sorts of research after hearing horror stories and stuff and checked all of the shops credentials etc.
I was hesitant but excited and built it up. Then when I went and got it done I couldn't believe how easy it was. I looked in the mirror straight away and loved it. I've loved it ever since.
I physcially feel the loss when I've taken it out. Miss playing with it and stuff. Of all of my piercings I think I love this one the most.

I've heard that once you've had a piercing you want another. I definetley think thats true.
I was mucking around for months wondering what else I could have pierced. I'd never thought about a scaffold until I saw it on someone else. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted that.
Not going to lie. This one hurt and takes ages to heal. But again I love it.

The latest is an ear piercing which I'm going to extend out. But not so far it can't grow back to normal size.
I love them all and and considering my tounge and tragus as well. Because now I've got them I want more.
AgeonAngel AgeonAngel
Jul 16, 2010