Thirteen Years And Counting...

The minute I turned 18, I got my tongue pierced. I was suppose to get it with one of best friend however he couldn't come with so I just went on my own. I was pumped and eager to get it done. It hurt a little but I loved the pain. It was sharp, hard and quick. It didn't bleed at all and my mouth was only swollen for a week.

My friend was pissed that I didn't wait but I knew that if I had passed that moment, I would have never gotten it. I went with him to get his done the following week and his looked more painful then mine felt. He was a bit of a ***** actually but...he still got it done.

My mom almost threw up when she saw it in my mouth weeks after I got it done. She couldn't stand the thought of something going thru my tongue. I was surprised that she never noticed sooner as I was talking funny for the first week.. Mind you tho, during this time, I wasn't on an every day talking terms with my folks, but still.

Anyways, thirteen years later I still have the piercing and I still love it. There were a few moments where I thought I would get rid of it just because, but no one ever notices that I have it and so far, there haven't been any complaints.
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lol thanks cass