It's Pretty Addictive

I have had my tongue pierced since I was 20, got both of my nipples pierced shortly afterward. Then I moved up to Seattle and got my eyebrow pierced and a Prince Albert. A few days ago I got my lower lip pierced on my right side and I think it looks great.

I love my piercings :-)
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4 Responses Aug 4, 2010

It's really not as bad as it looks, the pain is followed by an intense rush. Afterward, it looks great :-)

I tried to go with someone who was getting their tongue pierced (not a needle fan) ,they still did things old school ....we both left light headed . Ouch ! I give you credit , I would never make it to the chair

Once that they heal enough that you can play with them I think that you are going to really love them :-)

I still have my nipples pierced and the Prince Albert.<br />
<br />
The Prince Albert, I don't think that I'll ever take that out, it's just too awesome :-)