Yay For Piercings!

I currently have 7, I've retired 8 others, and I'll be getting 2 more very soon. 
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I have forced larger and larger rings into my nipple piercing.....you can see the size of the large ring I wear, in my album pics

Piercing Is Not Just For Young PeoplePosted February 17th, 2011 at 3:00PM<br />
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I came late in life to the wonderful world of pirecings (I was 41) and tattoos (40) but I have found that everyone is different and unique. While I may not enjoy looking at someone with 43 piercings, there most assuredly is someone out there who does. When I found freedom enough within my self to get a piercing, I went with what I thought would be the safest, and most concealable of them all. Nipple piercing. I thought about it, looked at jewelry options, checked out local shops, and had it done on new years eve. While I had been told to expect a great deal of pain, ba<x>sed on where i was getting the piercings done, I found that it did not hurt any worse than when one of my children had bitten down during their time of nursing. In fact the artist who did mine was so impressed that he gave me thicker rings than usual (started with 12 gage) with the promise of one size larger when I was ready for it. While I did get to the larger gage, and then some, not everyone can do this as the size of the nipple will limit how thick a ring one can handle. At this point I am at a 00 and thinking about going one size larger. Anyone with experience with rings of that size in the nipple please write a story and share how it is going.


How does one balance 9 different piercings?

It's easy