Had an anti-eyebrow for awhile in high school. It was my first (and only) piercing at the time. It freaked people right the **** out.

Now I have 4 holes in my eeeaaarrrrsssss.
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4 Responses Oct 12, 2006

I'd love to get one but I can barely get away w the few piercings and tattoos I have at work...

I think the ae/kiss is a gorgeous piercing:) I'd like one, but I'd worry it'd get infected. The belly ring one did, but then it wasn't done right, I don't think. Nice story:) What's the 4 in the ears?

I love anti-eyebrows and always wanted them. Do you have a scar? Is it bad?

Sweet deal, anti-eyebrows are freaking awesome I love them. People can be so naieve when it come's to things that arent "normal"