Currently : 4 lobes, one ear rim, one nipple.

Retired : Tragus, conch, cart, nipple, septum.

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I have no piercings and never wlil. I never understood the interest in theml

I'm sure that it is quite different for everyone. Myself, I had my nipples pierced and the motiviation was primarily a sexual thing between me and my boyfriend at the time. Although we later broke up, I don't regret it as I do find that they add a little spice to the bedroom.

I have my eyebrow healing right now It didn't hurt at all no pain at all!!!!! but the ich is often unbarable . I do love the piercing. my wife wants me to get my nipples done but I not rushing ou the door.

If nothing else this trend has taught young people the correct latin names for various parts of their bodies.

Went with a friend once , she wanted her tongue pierced,when they showed me what they were going to do...I fainted. People who get this stuff done, kudos to you!!! I can't even watch a tatoo being done etc.

ouch !

Conch - Hurt ????<br />
Well I guess i would be lying if i said no, of course it hurt, it's like any other sort of piercing they all hurt. On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the worst) i would say it's about a 5 ish, my nipple's hurt about the same.<br />
The hard thing about the conch was tyring to heal it. I retired it cause it wasn't healing at all, my mistake though, I got it pierced with a CBR, if or when i go back to get it re-done im going to get it done with a barbelle instead.

How was the conch? I've been thinking about that one....