Chastity Piercing

I live as a submissive husband for 19 years, 10 years ago my wife had me pierced with a fremun segment ring and a scrotum piercing located at the lowest point of my sac, with another segment ring. For a while she would clip the two rings together which did prevent any sex. but she didn't like this aafter a friend gave us a pair of medallions to attach to the rings,the rings proclaiming my status A couple of years later Lynn decided to look for another type of piercing, and liked the looks and durability of a ampalling piercing. and changed the rings to barbells on both piercing with a added horseshoe to hte penis and the scrotal piercings,the ampallang took 8 months to heal enough to add the new titainum medalions, every thing is made of titanium so there is no weight pulling on the piercings .
rline51 rline51 51-55, M 1 Response Oct 23, 2010

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Any man who can endure the pain and the healing period involved with an ampallang piecing has my admiration. From what I have read the ampallang is the most difficult of all male genital piecings, and your eight month healing period is not unusual. I hope that your mistress had you pieced through your urethra, which would made the healing process easier and probably make the permanent rod through your penis more fun to bear.

You are living one of my fantasies. Ever since I read “The Story of O” I have fantasized about genital piecings. In the book “O” also had a medallion attached to her piecing.