Hi, I'm Pierced And I'm New On The Site :)

Hi, I'm a 20 years old Latin chick, I live in Spain and I have 11 piercings: 7 in my ears, 1 in my eyebrow, 2 in my lips and 1 in my tongue. All of them, excepting the one from my tongue, I've done them my self, with a sewing machine needle, medicinal alcohol and salt (to rub the area and try to make it numb without taking my skin off). I was 18 when I've done them, I strated by 1 in the lip and 1 in the eyebrow. I loved the way they made me look, and I wanted more, more more, then I've done all the rest, excepting the tongue one. Some months later, when I turned 19, I had my first tattoo, a gift from my bf (what a sweet-heart ;) ) and in the summer of my 19th B-day, I decided to make the tongue piercing and another tattoo (I made them as a gift for my bf ->the same that gave me the first tattoo<-). There's not a big deal of a story that I have, but I know one thing: I love my tattoos and my piercings, and I would never regret what I've done, plus, I'm planning on having more, in other parts of the body, just waiting to raise some cash. Bye :)!
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Nice to meet you to, but about the pics, it's a big no-no! :)

I didn't say I pierced my elbow, I said "eyebrow" :p.

how the hell did they pierce the elbow? i gotta see a pic...let me know if you have one