My Lovely Piercings....

I am in love with body mods! I think it is a beautiful form of self expression. Currently I have 9 piercings. I've had as many as 12(with my nose and nipples pierced.) Right now I have 2 ear lobe piercings in each ear (6g and 10g) industrial in right ear(12g) two hoops in top of left ear(dunno what it's called, 18g) navel(14g) and labret(14g). I love them all, and am planning to in the near future repierce my nose, had to take it out due to complications. Also I'm contemplating either a VCH or HCH. I know one's for stimulation, and one is basically for adornment, but I can't decide which I would like better.
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Share your pics so I can find them all.

I want to see hem add me please

try both

body mods on women is hot

I have many piercings as well love them all, my wife has the vch and recommends it to women all the will not regret it. Check out our pics if you like she has a real nice shot of her vch for you to look at.

Go with the VCH, I love mine.

Have you ever been with a guy who had a prince albert? I dont have one but wonder if women like them.

My wife has a VCH, a triangle and outer labia. Just awesome. I hold onto the outer rings and flick the other two with my tongue. She's on planet O - after I finish teasing her. LOL. She loves them all.

OK, I understand.

No, see I want it done purely for apperance. I don't think I could do that to my ****, plus, if they hit nerves wrong you're screwed and it's very likely to lose feeling. Going with the hood is much safer, but I'm glad your friend enjoys her piercings.

Just a thought depending on how much stimulation you are looking for. If you really want stimulation, get your clitoris pierced. I know a girl that has 2 of them going through her **** besides her other piercings. She gets intense stimulation from them when she walks and has sex. She tells me they are her favorite piercings out of all of them.

My wife got a VCH and loves it!

Finally someone with an opinion on the Hood piercing styles! I'm thinking more likely the VCH too.

Yuppers. I've got 5 tattoos. I've got the moon on my left wrist(hubby has sun on his right), a clover on my left hip, "your name" on my right butt cheek, a tribute to my cousin on my right shoulder(she had cancer, purple rose with a banner with her name in it), and a tribute for my brother on my right leg(Gir from Invader Zim ridding a piggy). Plan to get many more.

Yes, yes they did, which is why I took them out lol