Forever Pierced!

Well I have always had an appreciation for piercings. When I was a baby my mother of course got my ears pierced. Then as I got older I wanted something that was me. So I made a decision to get my lip pierced. My friend who is a professional piercer decided to do it at home, which wasn't the smartest decision. We used a house need and got it to a 14 gauge. Was semi painful but I must say well worth it. I have had it in since I was 17 and I am turning 22 next month. I also got the left side pierced but it got infected due to excessive partying the following night. Needless to say I do not still have it in. Even though it was painful, the way people look at me is more painful. Its the only thing I did not count on was the pay people percieve me now. I do take it out and everything for work, but when I'm out I take off my business mask and show people the true me.
Kateyes89 Kateyes89
18-21, F
Apr 25, 2011