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i have my eyebrow, nose, lip, tounge, belly button and my ears pierced...i got my first piercing when i was 16 yrs old, i am now 26 havent gotten a new one in several years...maybe i should!
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LESSONS FROM GOD- TATOOS & the human body =lesson 96

Another fantastic day with the Vortex master Ric Weinman of

where Both Yogananda and Sai Baba had sent me to the Vortex Masters for further learning!

Ric our Merlin/Teacher taught us how to delve into the depth of the ether and draw out any scent. We had fun surrounding ourselves with the scent of pine Needles/pine forest and other scents.

Absolutely amazing it was!

One of my friends from Holland asked if we could pray for her son, who was undergoing testing times having mixed with the wrong crowd/ Drugs/drinks etc.

We opened our hearts and asked my Guru, Sai Baba for help.

Sai Baba materialised, held our hands and flew us to her son, in Denmark.

Baba pointed to an open doorway on her son's shoulder, we saw Demons jumping in and out thru this Doorway. The Demons were using him as a Portal/Terminal to come into this dimension.

Shocked I spoke, ''Your son has a doorway opening on his Right Shoulder and he is being used as a Terminal /station for demons''

She looked at me in silence and said ''Amarjit, my son has a Door tattooed

on his shoulder it his pride and joy, He wears vests even in Cold weather to show this off".

"Baba, what is the connection between this doorway /her son'/and the demons'' I asked

Baba spoke, "Amarjit, this doorway was tattooed by an agent of the darkness

This famous Tattoo artist is himself not pure and is NOW being used as an instrument by the dark side to open dimensions into the thousands of people he tattoos.

He has signed a Contract with these Demonic beings.

Around you, are many dimensions, just because you cannot see them it does not mean they do not exist!'


The trauma of Defiling/Tattooing creates karmic/trauma in all the bodies

which passes on to subsequent lifetimes

We asked Baba for help for her son.

Baba spoke ''Amarjit, pray for the Holy symbols to be laid across the doorway so it can no longer be used as an opening into this dimension & pray that his soul be cleansed''. Call in the Arch angels to remove the Demons.

As we prayed we saw all the Holy symbols the Holy Cross/ The Aum/and other Holy symbols being placed in and around the doorway. We saw the doorway shutting, denying Demonic entry into our Dimension.

Mother later on rang from Holland & said her Son had changed his course of life for the better. A Miracle had happened no more Drugs/alcohol or bad company.



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Below is a Tattooist advertising - that she tattoos doorways to the underworld

Click here: Door tattoo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Door tattoo

Above: The word di-pi-si-jo-i in Linear B (the language of the Mycenaeans) across the back of my neck. It literally means "the thirsty ones" and refers to the dead and how they need to be given libations and offerings. (Jennifer Moore at Sanctuary Tattoo, Portland ME)

Below: a symbol representing a forest and a well (in very basic terms) through a door - again, having to do with being a door between the worlds. (Reed at High Priestess, Eugene OR)