My ear lobes were pierced when I was baby because I was bald and my mother wanted people to know I was a girl. 

My second ear lobe piercing was done because I wanted to wear more pairs of earrings. I had all sorts of cute ones and wanted to be able to wear two of my favorite pairs at the same time. I had my head shaved at the time, so when I wore earrings they would stand out more. And my third ear lobe piercing was done for the same reason, and because I thought it looked pretty. I also pierced them as a demonstration for my little sister, to show that getting your ears pierced wasn't painful because she wanted to start wearing earrings.  Done myself with proper needles.

My traguses and conches were done during the time I was passionate about painting and selling my art. When I think of them, I'm also reminded of how the money earned paid for them. They're gone now.

As a reward for losing 60 pounds I had my navel pierced.  Ten minutes later I got my nipples pierced because at the time I was bullied a lot in highschool, in a foreign land, having a hard time,felt suppressed, and wanted something totally different. They were also a reward for losing weight and getting a "sexier" figure. Having them made me feel more confident.

When I lost even more weight I had two more navel piercings at the bottom so it looked like a triangle. Those two rejected because I kept getting thinner, and I guess working out irritated the site. I kept them in for as long as I could, but they ended up getting ripped out in a fight. The skin was thin enough. I still have the scars.

My tongue was spontaneously pierced just moments later because I wanted to try it. Pierced two more times for the hell of it. Maybe I was also influenced by '"Ichi the Killer".  I dared myself to just go and do and live for once--to not be shy and afraid. I removed the other two because they were too noticable in nunschool.

When highschool was over I finally was able to get my beloved vertical labret. I'd been wanting it since I was 11. It was a dream fulfilled.

My outer labia was pierced for a very short period of time because of all the **** I had read. I thought it was sexy as hell.

I stretched my three ear lobe piercings after moving out, being thousands and thousands of miles away from family, completely on my own. So that memory is tied to them.

I had my vertical labret repierced after escaping a horrible, abusive, stressful situation. It was me being me. My vertical labret was taken out because of pressure and my church making me feel guilty. Getting it back was me just not giving a ****, making myself happy, making the best out of life, and being free. The heart matters. Metal in your lip doesn't make you demonically possessed.

My ashleys were added two months later because I'd always wanted one and thought having two would look more unique. I enjoyed sticking rhinestones and stuff on my face and lips sometimes, so I thought, why not get actual jewelry in there?

Both eyebrows were pierced because I wanted to live and experience. In the past I wasn't interested in eyebrow piercings because the scars would be more noticeable than the lip. But I thought "**** it" and wanted to fill up my face while I still could because I know I won't be able to keep these piercings forever. My current job is fine with them because I perform well, but other jobs I'll have in the future won't be so flexible. A little scar when they're gone--so what?

My nipples were repierced to correct the mistake my first piercer made, and also because I missed them. I didn't really feel too much like "me". My boobs felt too naked without them. It was also the very first unsupervised pierce and female nipple the woman who did them performed. I was her guinea pig, but she did a perfect job.

I definitely want a few more. Ones that will match the others and just fit me.

I want to get a second tongue piercing, but I talk a lot--have to at work, so that's...not gonna happen until I have vacation for at least a week. You know, the swelling.
I want three more navel piercings so it's like a cross.
I've always wanted a christina.
Two nostril piercings on each side, or two high nostril ones. I've always been highly self-conscious of my nose so those will be a big deal for me.
I gotta try having my septum done.
Anti eyebrows are gorgeous and I want them.
Dahlias might look like too much since I have three piercings on my lower lip...but then they could also look really good. So I wanna try and see.

And anything else I find pretty, I'll try getting. I pick piercings that fit me. Piercings are kind of like make up: they can enhance.  People actually don't really notice mine. I mean, they see them, but I've been told they just look right on me so it's not "shocking" at all to them.    I was expecting lots of dirty looks, but I've gotten very few.  I actually got more dirty looks when I had my hair rainbow-colored.

If I won the lottery, honestly the first thing I'd splurge on would be piercings. I'm not really addicted, but piercings are your personal style. I enjoy having them and want the ones I find attractive on my body while I'm still young and able.
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lololol my mother did the exact same thing, i too was a bald baby xD from what she told me, people seemed to register the baldness over and above the dresses and pretty shoes and accessories lol

yay bald babies! *highfives* about people noticing baldness over pretty dresses: i know right? i was also dressed up pretty all the time and she even used a headband with some fake hair on it just so people would finally recognize i was a girl. lol