I am Pierced

I currently have 7 holes in my ears(altogether), my tongue, belly button, and **** pierced. And I think I want another.... I love getting new piercings it makes me feel alive! I do it for the pleasure, Baby!!!
carolinasfinest06 carolinasfinest06
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 17, 2006

Yes, piercing the **** hurts a lot. <br />
You shouldn't do it, but have your clitoridal hood pierced instead.

I was pierced in the belly button, but that apparently wasn't done right the first time, and will have to be redone soon. I may be getting pierced elsewhere, like the tongue and **** and nipples also. Does the **** one hurt to have done? I only know one person who's gotten that one, and she's like oblivious to pain, I think.