13 In All...

Two sixteen gauge's, and one six gauge in each ear lobe. As well as ..both ta-ta's...,  tongue, navel, a vertical hood, and a chastity.. which is actually a double piercing..., all twelve gauge..

Many other piercing have come and gone over the years, .. i do plan on getting a few more eventually...^^

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5 Responses Mar 31, 2008

Oo.. my that p.a. is def. a nice one! Do you mind my asking what gauge is it?

Thank you Adaim... ;)

The hood was pretty painful, but the chastity hurt the most because they were both pierced at the same time on the same needle. I had all three done in one sitting. However, if your thinking about getting a hood, I must say mine has been nothing but awesome. It just keeps getting better and better as time goes on.. I definitely recommend. ^^

how bad was the hood? <br />
I want mine... but Im a wimp.....

You certainly may..^^ It was my septum, and I actually just got it done about a month ago..:P