I Got New Steel Yesterday

I have been getting pierced for 3 years now, I really don't now how to explain why all of a sudden at 35 I decided to start getting pierced. I guess I have always been fasicanted by genital piercings since I was 25 or so. So one day I decided what the Hell and went for it it was july,28 2010 got my frenum pierced cause at the point I wasnt so keen on getting a Prince Albert. by september all I thought about was the Epic PA, so in june of 2011 I got it !!! I absolutley love my PA and could never give it up!! so yesterday I went and got both my nipples pierced and absolutly love those too!! so now I am thinking about what to do next? get a hafada or some on my scrotum?? guess I'll figure it out sooner or later. anybody have any ideas for me let me know what you think !!
fte307 fte307
36-40, M
May 8, 2012