It Hurts, But I Keep Coming Back For More :)

I've only got a few piercings now but have had more in the past and I've had good and bad experiences with them but I still love them all the same.

I have 8 piercings in my ears, 6 of them normal lobe ones, one upper ear one (helix) and the other an industrial bar via conch (which is a bar going through the lowest part behind my ear in the cartilage at the base of the ear where its thickest through to my upper ear, helix). At the moment I'm stretching my two lower lobe piercings.

Right now I have 2 mouth piercings on my upper lip separated but opposite each other, I know these to be called Angel Bites. I've had 2 piercings immediately next to each other on my bottom lip on right side of my mouth, they were called Spider Bites. I've also had my nose pierced but it didn't last more than 2 months as it began to swell and heal over the stud in my nostril. This sucked and left a large hole that took months to heal. If I ever get this done again, I'll have it pierced with a needle then have a ring put in, and NOT GET IT DONE WITH A GUN.

My first piercing ever was when I was 16 and it was a banana bar in my left eyebrow, this began to migrate after about a year so I had to remove it unfortunately.

The most painful piercings I've had done was the Angel Bites. The Spider Bites were done at a thicker gauge than the Angel Bites but the lower lip is not as sensitive as the top and it was quite painful to get done.
Most painful piercing session was when I had my Angel Bites and Industrial via Conch done. I was told by pretty much everyone I knew that Industrial's were among the most painful piercings you could get, especially one through the conch as its very thick cartilage and takes a very long time to heal, if it ever does. I had this done just before the Angel Bites and as the piercer had to literally force the needle through my conch I was gritting my teeth and clenching my fists till they where white. To me it was bearable as long as you knew it was coming. With the Angel bites, that pain is something I can't really prepare myself for even though I've had it done before. I hate getting lip piercings done but love the outcome.

Stretching my ears is quite an annoying task for me as I'm really impatient. I rush it and force a too big of size through my ear and it gets sore and tears. The fluid that leaks out is what really annoys me as its sticky and if there is enough of it, it begins to smell. I've done this before and know how to do it properly, but that's why I'm impatient this time, because I know how cool it is to have tunnels and great big jewellery in them.

I plan to get another lip piercing in the middle area of my bottom lip and maybe a dermal in my eyebrow, so the chances of migration are lower. Wish me luck!
MiS5tress MiS5tress
18-21, F
May 10, 2012