I Love Piercings!

Well I have 5. My ears are gauged to 1 1/4", industrial, tongue at a 6 gauge, and my bridge. I've also had my labret, another industrial, a second tongue piercings, and 2 6 gauge holes above my regular holes. Ya, that's about it. I love when chicks have piercings, well not a crap ton on their face, but it's just so sexy!
johnnywillsave johnnywillsave
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

I just have ear piercings. Well just one on each ears and I find that a lot for me but good for you for having a lot XD

I love piercings and tats. oh so sexy. Well I mean on girls. As long as their face is pierced all over.

oh.... one of my mates did set of the detector .... had to flip out his dic cos he had a huge double pa as well as nipples etc ;-o respect from robbie

Weird, I've never had a problem.

maybe it's the size of the implant? my mate went for the heavy stuff

WOW, johnnywillsave<br />
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i bet you are great fun at airport security<br />
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get the holiday of to an exciting start ;-o<br />
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respect, from robbie

Haha, I don't fly. But the metal detectors don't pick up piercings.