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I have 5 piercings. 2 earlobes that i got as a child, 2 tragus that i got one day because i had too many days off from work and i was bored and a labret piercing because i was too scared to get a tongue piercing and kept having nightmares of swallowing the damn thing LOL!!

All innocently, off course. My friends ooohhhed and ahhed as they should. My mom, nearly had a conniption as mom's are prone too. But all the fuss died down as the piercings healed and i forgot about them as they blend in with the environment of your face and i never paid them much attention until i packed my bags and headed off to the middle east and here i am getting all this strange glances from women and men. Now everyone wants to know what they are. What is this on your face they ask??? and when i pull out my lip?? the women gasp in horror and ask does it not hurt at alll?? and this question comes from a little old bedouin lady who has been tattooed on her chin *grin* and is wearing the biggest gold nose ring i have ever come across. I always laugh and say no and suggest to pierce them. I bumped into a female physiotherapist and when she saw my labret she was so excited she pulled me into the staff lounge so she could remove her face covering and show me hers too. Needless to say, we were there gossiping for hours about jewellery and piercings, i had found a fellow soulmate and piercing lover. She had had her labret piercing done at home by a cousin and was planning to get more done. We be moaned the lack of professional piercers in the middle east.

I shared some of my funny stories of being the odd pierced girl and after a nice cup of coffee, we wished each other luck and parted. Sadly i have not run into her again but it would be interesting to see the number of piercings she has managed to accumulate. Am still s getting stared at each and every single day i walk out of my door. How do i deal with it? just smile nod, ignore... I am pierced...
tuilifa tuilifa
May 12, 2012