My Piercings.

I got my first piercing when I was 5. Yes, my ears, of course. I vaguely remember begging my foster parents to take me to get my esrs pierced. They had to okay it with my biological mother, but once she okayed it, they took my to the mall to get them pierced. I remember being so happy and feeling so special and grown up. I also remember taking the pain like a champ.

Fast forward to high school. I pierced my own belly button. I didn't do it deep enough and it looked weird so I took it out shortly after. After that I gave myself second holes in my ears. I actually have 3 holes instead of two in my right ear because the first time it wasn't even with the other side.

Next, at 20, I got my lip ring. I was in NYC with my old friends just hanging out and I decided out of the blue I wanted my lip pierced. We went to Roosevelt ave in queens in search of a piercer. The first shop we went into, they didn't speak any English and the place was a really shady looking dump. I decided that wasn't the place for me. A couple doors down was another place that looked a lot cleaner but still had a slightly shady air about it. The guy shoved the needle through my lip, dropped the jewelry on my lap, picked it up and put it in my face. Luckily it healed fine, no infections.

Then at 21 I got my nipples pierced at a place in Federal Hill in RI. It hurt so much initially but it was exhilarating and the pain afterwards was just a dull ache. Just my luck, though, it was the piercer's last day before he was moving out of state, haha. Luckily I had no issues and I even got a $10 discount because my friend was there to get a memorial tattoo for her friend that ODed and the tattoo artist she requested was a no-show and we had to wait.

Some days I am sick of my lip piercing. I usually keep a small stud in it and one day while I was eating salad I bit down hard on the back of it and chipped on of ny bottom teeth. I took it out for a whilr after that but then I missed it and put it back in.

I like my nipple piercings, I have barbells. It's been over a year so I can change the jewelry if I want, but I really just like the barbells. I don't plan on ever removing these, as my nipples would probably look pretty disfigured. But I can't see ever wanting to.
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nipple piercings are awesome ever thought of a **** piercing?

I was always fascinated by genital piercings, but but they were pretty much undreground untiil I was in my 30's and tarveling in pretty conservative company. Anyway when I hit 40 and had mi "mid-life crisis," I got a Prince Albert piercing and about a year later an Ampallang. The Ampallang never seemed to want to totally seal (abstinance might have helped) so after a couple of years I removed it and the holes heeled over within days; not meant to be I suppose. <br />
<br />
Conversely the Prince Albert healed in about 6 weeks as expected and seemed eager to stretch. Over the years I've sized it up to take 2 Gauge (1/4" or 6mm thick) jewellery. I alternately wear a 2G circular barbell or a 3/8" diameter Prince's Wand with 2G crossbar. I've found them over the (17) years to provide both mental and physical stimulation:-)

i love piercings. i also have my nipples pierced and i love them.

do they hurt if someone is sucking hard on your nipples ?? ,have always wonder ??

I love piercings on a woman. I don't have any piercings but have some tattoos. Do you have any tattoos or is it just piercings for you? Is it the feeling of having something inside of you or what is your atraction to piercings?

wow! hats off to you for all those piercings. specially for the ones you did yourself! <br />
I have the usual ones 2 in both ears, i got my nose pierced twice and also my lower lip in 2 places...the lip piercings got annoying so i took them off. Everytime i got a piercing i fainted :P except when i first got my ears pierced when i was a kid. <br />
I have given up on piercings for now....i just cant enjoy the whole thing, i get to paranoid. <br />
<br />
i have a curious question about your nipple piercings though...if you have a child will you be able to breast feed?

Yes, if I have a child I can still breast feed. Milk will come out of the holes. It may even make it easier. But of course, I'll need to take them out to feed.