My 62 Year Old Wife

Well my wife who is 62 is pierced twice her outter labia and her hood she got pierced when she was 60 because I asked her to told her it was sexy,she has told me she loves the way it looks and she loves the way the jewel warms up during sex,she has also shared with me that when she goes out on dates and the men she meets and goes home with love the fact that she is pierced and they also love to play with it, now she wants to get a tattoo down their and I am encouraging her to do so after all she is a hot wife.
karpaul karpaul 51-55, M 3 Responses Aug 27, 2012

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That is AWESOME!!! I have a hood piercing and love the heck out of it. Good for her!!!

Wonderful to know that there is a 60 year old out there who will be pierced and tatooed. My wife is getting an intimate tattoo for my Christmas present. Any ideas what your wife will get??

At 62 she's not that likely to go out on hot dates with too many men, so I guess every little piercing helps.