Simple Piercings..

I only have a few piercings but I love them. I have my ears "normally" pierced, my mother did them when I was a baby so not really my choice,haha. When I was 17 after much research I decided I couldn't wait to get my septum pierced at 18, so I took matters into my own hands and pierced my septum myself. I bought all the proper equipment and did it the night before my senior year started. Surprisenly the pain wasn't much for me until about 3 hours later when I woke up and felt like someone had punched my nose, it was sore to the touch. That only lasted about 3-4 hours because by morning it didn't hurt much and I took care of it, as I remember it healed pritty quickly as well so I was happy with that, 2 years later I still have it, my septum is my favorite piercing it fits my face. About a year later I decided on getting my tongue pierced, but this time went to a shop (to be safe I did not want to mess with my tongue and the veins it has,lol) My tongue was swollen for about 2 weeks and it did take some getting use to eating again, in the beginning every time I would chew I would end up nipping at my tongue stud. As time went on it became easier to eat and now it is no problem at all. So in total I only have 4 piercings, but right now I am debating if I should get my cheeks pierced, I am slightly afraid because of being able to hide the cheek piercings during work and stuff, that is why I love my septum I just simply flip it in my nose and its "gone", sort of like my lil secret piercing,hehe.
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Sounds cool. Why not get a couple of nice labia rings this time?

because my penis would get in the way,lol just kidding because I'm afraid of desensitizing myself.