Several Places

I have this tendency to pierce myself. So, I have a lot of piercings that have come into being and are now but a scar. Although, some i have kept.

I have eight ear piercings, Six lower and two cartilage split between ears.
My bottom lower ear piercings are stretched to a 0gauge.

And i have my lip pierced. Bottom left. Just a cute little stud. ;)

I have had my belly button like a gagillion times however, as well as my nose and eyebrow. But i have taken them out for various reasons :)

Im sure ill continue to do just the same.

... Im dying to do the other side of my lip for a nice pair of snakebites :)
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

Awesome, I'm the same way with piercings. I'm just kind of addicted to doing them as a way to relieve stress...unfortunately at my ears' expense. What's your favorite place to pierce yourself?