How I Earned My Car.... And My Barbells

Ok, so one day about a year and a half ago, my husband and I are sitting around talking. I don't really remember HOW the subject came up (which is not surprising, we tend to talk about some of the craziest stuff). But we were discussing piercings and tattoos. Neither one of us has any ink and both only have typical ear piercings. He jokingly asked me if I ever thought about getting my nipples pierced. My reply was... yeah sure... maybe for a car. Little did I know that he was listening that closely to the conversation.

Before I knew it, he had all the tattoo parlors in town scoped and priced as to who was the best in town for nipple piercing. He then asked if I was indeed serious when I said I would think about it... well, I am a very stubborn women and if I make up my mind to do something, it takes ALOT to change my mind. I don't like being challenged and not being able to live up to it. So I thought about getting pierced... the pain, the change to the body, the excitement my husband had about it, the pain, the healing, the pain, the excitement, the pain.... I talked to a few close friends about it and everyone thought is was cool but painful sounding.

Then my husband says... look I will figure out a way for us to buy you a car if you get your nipples pierced. Now my husband is an awesome man who I love very very much. I know that he wouldn't make me go through with it, I knew he would still find a way to get me a new car. But I decided to go ahead and do it. HE was worth it. HE deserved to have the reward of having my nipples pierced.

So Sept 1, 2011 we went to Honda and bought me my car. Then the next morning, we went to the tattoo parlor and I got both my nipples pierced. Yes it hurt like hell. No I don't think I could do that again. But I am so glad now that I did it.

I have very large nipples so I chose to get 10 gauge bars. The healing process seemed to go by smoothly. The only downside is most of the jewelry out there is 12 or 14 gauge. And even tough its been over a year since I had them done, if I keep a smaller gauge in for more then a day, the holes still try to heal up.

Anyhow when someone asked how I got my car, I tend to giggle at my little secret 10 gauge secret.
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Its a womans little secret.. Only they know till the bra falls off for others to see!!
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haha... very true... and oh how I LOVE my little secret (that now all of EP knows... but they don't count...hehe)

classic, sounds like a story from my family. enjoy the ride....

I love my car! lol

Awesome story

I got my nipple done as a suprise for my man...we had been seperated for some time and I wanted to do something different and special for him as a gift. Now its healed up real well he loves to play with it. -giggles-

takes forever to heal doesn't it? I hated that part

It did take awhile to heal lol. God it was sore for the longest time but it healed perfectly.

And I bet you wear it SO well!

lol.. funny as I was reading your story, all I could think about was getting to the part where you actually did it to see if the story was true or not (what your response to the pain was). I had pierced one nipple a long time ago with a 10 gauge bar and it was by far the most painful thing I have ever done. What you don't expect, or at least I didn't think too much about it, was that the piercing actually involves two punctures (two sets of nerve endings) one in and the other out. I have long since removed the bar but I have the residual benefit of a hyper sensitive left nipple. :-)

Wow ! i bet your nipples are constantly stiff now ! what a sexy hot wife you are babe !

Your a cool wife and he is an Horst husband to me it sounds like you were made for each other.
Thanks for letting us in on yor secret. Lol

whats a horst???

Sorry cellphone spellcheck honest

I just looked at how that seemed I meant not horst ``honest`` LOL sory for any confusion. I meant honest husband!

HAHA Thats funny!!! You had me wondering what new kind of perverted thing Horst

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Liked your story. I pierced my nipples, and have since stretched them to 2 gage. I wear a stainless steel spiral in each one. I need to check back and see where the car is. I must have missed that part. Didn't think that it was too painful. Certainly can be a sensitive zone now.

Getting your nipples pierced is worth doing just for the pleasure that pierced nipples give you year after year. And yes, it often takes 2 full years to heal completely through. I got mine done back in the 90s, and by now I've stretched them out to 0 gage, about 5/16 inch. And yes, there is a limited selection of jewelery in the larger sizes. I have 1 1/4 inch diameter titanium rings. They are always titillating. I find myself playing with them several times a day. .