All My Piercings Over The Years.

I love piercings. I've had different ones over the years and decided I'm pretty much done with getting any new ones. least for now. I always say I wont get anymore and then I get more. lol

From all the piercings I've had. The nipples where the most painful. I actually regretted getting those. It was SO freaking painful. And the partners I had didnt like them and then it would get irritated. I let them close out about 8-9 years ago. I used to have my tongue pierced but let that close out about 7 years ago when I started working at my current job. I wanted to clean up my look and be more professional.

My first piercing that I still have is my belly. I had it done when I was 18 in Hollywood.  Soon after I had my hood pierced at this tattoo and piercing convention. That piercing seems like it would be painful but its not really. Its actually pretty quick and heals fast. I still have that piercing.

On my ears I have my ear lobe on the right side pierced twice and then my Helix/cartridge pierced. This one actually kinda bugged me for 3 weeks till it healed. It was a pain in the azz to not hurt myself when brushing my hair and sleeping on it. On the left side I only have the one earlobe pierced.  I used to have the Tragus pierced on both ears but the one on the right ear ripped and I took the other on the left side off. The Tragus was annoying to me...didn't really like that one. Looked cool but it would bug me when my ear itched.

I had said for the longest I wouldn't get any on my face but decided last year to get my nose pierced.

So in total I've had  11 piercings. But I now just have 7 open.

I kinda like dermal piercings and would consider getting it on my body. Big maybe though. I like how some of them are incorporated into tattoos. So maybe like that.
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I feel like you can still look professional with a tongue piercing :] I have 2 and since I've gotten them no one has noticed except when I'd purposefully show them (or start playing with them when I'd daze out lol)..Even my mom has forgotten about them.
And dermals are absolutely gorgeous <3 Have 4 in my hips and I plan on getting some form of tattoo incorporated with them

Oh awesome! Sometimes I wish I still had my tongue ring in... I miss playing with it :P I have tats also and want more....dermal on hips...kool!