I absolutely LOVE my piercings! My ear lobes are triple pierced and I have cartlidge pierced on my right ear. I also have my nose done! I want to get the bottom left side of my lip pierced but I'm not to sure only because I work in a public place and I know facial piercings are frowned upon in alot of work areas, which is kind of irrational in my opinion.
kanismith kanismith
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I agree with you is silly that people get so hung up on piercings,facial especially. I have had facial piercings before-eyebrow and lip-and currently have just my nose done. (my other piercings are hidden lol) Point is,piercings are becoming more common with passing years and employers would do well to remember that...or else they lose out on prospective employees. Ive known some wonderful people with anywhere from one to half a dozen piercings.