I just got my nipples pierced on black Friday. It's beginning to become a ritual. ;) last year I had my nose pierced. I now have a total of 6 piercings :) my ears, my tongue, my nose and both nipples! Now I need suggestions for next years piercing. husband isn't too keen on me having my nipples pierced. He's kinda bumble ****** as to why I had it done and refused to let a man do it :( I love having my huge nipples played with and twisted and bitten and pulled on and now that they are pierced, OH MY!!!! Let the fun begin ;)
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I agree with the previous postings. I recommend the Labia majora, but then I also like to keep my slaves ***** stuffed full, I would use these to keep what Is inside from pushing out.

Most natural seems to me to get a clitoris-hood piercing (not the clitoris itself!!). And then next year: 2 labia majora rings (one left and one right)

Triangle piercing makes ******* supper intense.

It often takes more than a year before nipples heal through. Until then they can get infected if you let anyone suck on them. Order some soft tissue antibiotic like Doxycycline to keep at home for when they get infected. Few things are more painful than an infected nipple. (from experience).