Nose Bones Are The Effing Devil!!

I had to change to a nose hoop to give my piercing time to heal...had gone to remove my nose bone and it not only got stuck on the way out,but tore my nearly healed piercing on the way out. It bled a bit which kinda pissed me off. A nose hoop seemed the best option cuz theres no balls on the end to eff up my nose screws are always a little too long for me. I tend to look like theres a silver booger in my nose,which is never even remotely attractive. So...yeah. Im stuck with a nose hoop for the forseeable future until my piercing recovers from this. Boo!!! Well at least it doesnt look too weird-my fiancee and two of my friends say it suits my personality. And I made sure to get the correct diameter hoop-thats important,lol. Sorry about the rant...but nose bones are THE DEVIL!!!
LdsGirl LdsGirl
26-30, F
Dec 14, 2012