I Want To Be A Piercer

right now i have a retail job, but i want to become a piercer. in my state i have to get certification which will cost 50 dollars, and i need an appreticeship. my only concern is that i have very minimal piercings my self only two lobe and my septum (which i can hide for my job). i want more piercings but im strapped for cash and if i save some it will be for my certification. i wonder if people can take me serious as a striving piercer if im not really pierced myself?
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

You can! I have been piercing professionally for 17 years and have no piercings or tattoos. My approach was not that of a usual tattoo and piercing studio, but more like a medical office. I found with today's health awareness many people are indeed concerned about HIV, Hepatitis, Staph, and many other diseases that can be transferred by an improperly done tattoo or piercing. You have to remember anyone can get a needle and poke a hole in someone. What makes the difference is how good of a job you do in explaining how to properly care for it and how sterile the environment is in which you perform the piercing. Take a look at my website and you will see the difference. My goal has always been to be so clean and sterile that my customers would feel unsafe going any place else. www.piercingbylani.com

i wouldn't worry- my ex-girlfriend got a job at a piercing shop a few years ago, and based on her experience, i'm sure you'd be full of holes within a couple months of starting your apprenticeship! if you want a head start on getting piercings and learning to pierce, you could buy proper sterile piercing needles and jewelry, read about how to pierce safely, and give yourself something easy like another set of lobe piercings. or maybe you could find a friend to do it for you. i'm not a professional but i love giving and receiving piercings, mainly just for the thrill of getting pierced...wish i had more friends who shared this interest!