NYC Is Fun

I was hanging out with friends in Long Island. We were drinking and having fun. One of us went out and got both of his nipple pierced. That started a snowball. Soon the entire party was at the parlor. They were trying to convince me to get a tat, but that just isn’t me. Everyone got something and we were leaving. I stopped out the door and wondered why I didn’t get a piercing. As I stood there, I couldn’t think of a reason other than fear. That I didn’t like. So, I went back in and got my left nipple pierced (left is right and right is wrong). It has been over a year since I had it done and I still have it.


I tell you one thing though, being my first experience. I didn’t know if I would set off the metal detectors in the airport going home. That freaked me out. :P

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2 Responses Jun 16, 2007

The more I read this the better it gets. Had a piercing too... did it myself. Lots of tequila involved and loved it until the day it was yanked out at a club... OUCH! Now no more pierce but have a cute scar :)

Peer pressure? j/k Love the story.